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Russian Beer Taxes

This post is in honor of the issue that has been dominating the news cycle for at least a week: Russia  and its role in the presidential election. I don’t know if you can correlate  a decrease in drinking beer … Continue reading

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Do women like beer?

The stereotypical picture of a beer drinker is a man who guzzles a six-pack at a sporting event. Most beer advertising, especially for mega produced beer, focuses on attracting this consumer prototype. This, of course, has led to a great … Continue reading

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I was lucky enough to spend last week in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida. I didn’t do that much; mostly walked on the beach and swam laps in the pool.  We returned to 15 inches of snow. If I could have … Continue reading

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Craft Beer Lawsuit

Consumers who purchased craft beer from Walmart are now suing the store. Although the beer they bought has names such as Red Flag Amber that signify craft beer status, all the beer is contract brewed at Genesee Brewing in Rochester. … Continue reading

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Bock Is Back

Today is the March 2017 edition of The Session.  Jon Abernathy of The Brew Site is hosting it. I decided to post an excerpt from Brewing Battles.                   Modern Brewery and its … Continue reading

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