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Always Taxes

At the latest Alcohol Task Force sub-committee excise taxes came up again as an issue. The lone public health person strongly encouraged the committee to think about raising the state excise tax on liquor which hasn’t been increased since the … Continue reading

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Beer Festivals and Economic Development

This Saturday, in Hartford there will be the Small State Great Beer festival. This is the second for the event and they expected more than thirty-five brewers to participate. The beer festival was the idea of three young people with … Continue reading

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The Art of the Deal

I consider myself a fairly astute political observer but I will confess I am extremely puzzled and concerned by the deal Trump and Democrats struck over raising the debt ceiling. Failure to raise the debt ceiling would result in the … Continue reading

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Back to School Report

September always feels like the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. I am not in school anymore, but September still feels like the start of something new. Given that, here is an update on my social … Continue reading

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There was recently a death in my family. Several other people I know have also lost members of their families recently. In honor of all these losses, I offer two poems that I have found comforting and meaningful at times … Continue reading

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Computer Troubles

Since Monday I have been dealing with a failing computer.  It stopped charging and since then only charges when the cord is in a very specific position. There is obviously something wrong with the charging port. This is always the … Continue reading

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Alcohol Task Force Sub Group

On Wednesday, I attended the first meeting, via Zoom, of the Alcohol Task Force sub group on Public Health, Safety and Prevention. The chair, Lisa Wong, laid out the areas we will focus on in making our recommendations to the … Continue reading

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Not Remembering

I am sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday as scheduled. I was dealing with a family emergency in Virginia and just got home on Thursday. My father-in-law died there last Saturday at the age of 95. Losing a parent is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tidying Up

The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo describes the author’s system, Kon Mari, for keeping your house clutter free. Her main claim is that by following her system, you will never have to tidy up again. You will … Continue reading

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World’s Fair

One of my goals for 2017 was to work more regularly on my book on faculty wives. Recently I have been able to do that and I have run across an interesting subject. Various World’s Fairs have come up in … Continue reading

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