Comments,Spam, and Statistics

On New Year’s Eve, I downloaded a plug-in for wordpress that compiles statistics about my blog. Doing this was a bit of an adventure since did not recognize my blog or its existence. I did finally get it to work but the information might not be worth all the effort. There is the most data on what people search to get to my blog. Julie Andrews is, by far, the most frequently used key word string. This is a little surprising since I wrote about Mary Poppins and Julie Andrews once. You can read that post here.

Do a lot of people wake up every morning and decide to search on Google and other search engines for what is up with Julie Andrews? Since I usually think that hardly anyone really reads this blog, it is possible that the thirty-five people who searched for Julie Andrews yesterday and wound up at my site are not real. This information could be recording some kind of spam.

Getting comments is great because it is concrete evidence of readership. I am always thrilled when I get a comment. Unfortunately, more often than not, the comment is also spam. I have another plug-in for my blog, akismet, which filters and monitors spam comments. Apparently, it has already protected me from over 400 pieces of spam.

Akismet lets me look at each comment it has identified as spam and decide whether to accept or not. It is very easy to reject the ones that are in a foreign language. The more difficult ones are those that say nice things about a post but still Akismet says it is spam. I usually try to see what the commenter’s website looks like and if they have a “real” blog or not. By real, I mean if they have ongoing posts, categories, and things like that. I never accept a comment if I think that another person reading the comment on my blog would wind up being directed to a site that is selling things or is inappropriate in language or display.

No one commented on the post that talked about Mary Poppins but its existence seems to draw many people to my blog. That is if you can believe the wordpress statistics.

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3 Responses to Comments,Spam, and Statistics

  1. Anonymouse says:

    I’d say it’s fairly safe to trust your wordpress statistics. “blog” “Julie Andrews” just happens to be the exact key word string I used when this little bemused musing showed up right at the top of my search results. Don’t judge! I was looking for blog posts on her upcoming concert at the O2 Arena. She was THE original Eliza Doolittle, glided over London with a talking umbrella before CGI was a even a blip on our Macs, and taught 7 singing brats to do-re-mi their way away from the Nazis. What’s not to like? 😉
    (Ah, the stalkerish joys of blog stats and Google).

    • Amy says:

      As I am sure you know, Julie got to be Mary Poppins because they chose Audrey Hepburn to be in My Fair Lady instead of her. I now see that the way to get people to read my blog is to write fairly frequently about Julie Andrews.

  2. Anonymouse says:

    Good point about My Fair Lady/Poppins.
    And a very interesting blog it is too!

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