David Letterman: Victim or Perpetrator?

When the news about David Letterman broke, my first reaction was that it showed how smart he is. Letterman managed to have the story that he was being blackmailed released in a way that he appeared as the victim. As more information came out, however, it  became clear that he, at the very least, had misused his position and at the worst had committed sexual harassment.

Letterman apparently had several affairs with female members of  his staff, while he was in a long-term relationship. He got married in the spring. The fact that he cheated on his partner is their business. Having sexual relations with workers who are your subordinates is sexual harassment. There is no way that there can ever be an equal, truly consensual, relationship. The  worker is potentially subject to negative repercussions whether or not they have sex.

Does CBS have a sexual harassment  policy? I am sure they do and I believe that their biggest star has violated it.

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One Response to David Letterman: Victim or Perpetrator?

  1. Jan Whitaker says:

    His out is that he doesn’t work for CBS but for his own production company, World Wide Pants, which leases the show to CBS. I am hoping he suffers a serious ratings slide and CBS drops him. To me he is toast. I cringed throughout his “confession” and don’t want to hear his voice in the night ever again. Conan, that leaves you. (Actually I dislike talk shows.) — Jan

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