First Week of VB6

We have completed a week of vegan dinners as part of our plan to follow Mark Bittman’s VB6. I basically used his lunch recipes from the book and made those for dinner. Out of seven nights we had salads as the main course two nights and salads with another dish three nights. Two nights we had soup and every night at least one of the dishes had beans in it.

I was pretty anxious about having so many salads and beans but it worked out pretty well. Unlike most diets Bittman lets you eat as much fruit as you want. Salad with fruit is very good. Spices help as well.

In our scheme lunches can be non-vegan and even have meat. This past week, because I had cheese at some of my mid-day meals I was vegetarian but not vegan. I didn’t have any meat or eggs for a week. My husband was completely vegan for the whole week. Today, as I am writing this, I am having a turkey sandwich with some of the cabbage salad from Saturday night’s tacos.

Before deciding to try this approach to eating, I looked online to see if other people had done it and what their experiences had been. I wanted to go beyond the level of Amazon reviews. One blog was The blogger did not lose any weight but didn’t gain any either. Bittman does say if you eat more grains, the weight loss will go more slowly. Her description of how she ate was heavy on grains because she had a grain salad every day for lunch.

HashandEggs was the other blog I read. He needed to lose a decent amount of weight; after a month he lost at least seven pounds. He cheated a lot since even for the non-vegan meal you are supposed to eat healthy and in moderation. I don’t think chicken nuggets count. To be fair he was doing this based on an article because the book hadn’t come out yet.

I was skeptical about the weight loss aspect of this and actually I still am. According to the scale I lost five pounds but I don’t know if I believe that. If I did I think it is more of a short-term diet effect and less life-changing. It remains to be seen whether this experience will ultimately yield a long-lasting change.

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