Forty-Eight Tweets and Counting

I have had twitter for a while and I have adjusted to using it. It seems good for things that I would not have felt could be a post as well as political alerts and short statements. Using it for politics is particularly good since that is not something I have done that much of on the blog. I have figured out how to use a # mark and I enjoyed being part of the conversation during President Obama’s health care summit last month. I tweeted three times that day which is my record.

In the beginning, I was worried about getting people to follow me but I have completely relaxed about that. Right now, I have seven followers, which is fine. Like most things on the Internet, building a following will take time.

Now that I am tweeting regularly, I have also realized that my blog posting and twitter are two separate activities. I do tweet whenever I have a new post but that is about it. I thought I wanted real integration of the two with tweets being automatically generated from posts and vice a versa. I have discovered I do not want that at all.

On my website,, I have a pretty, blue bird with the Twitter symbol. I thought I wanted that on the blog also, but again I do not. Part of my reluctance to merge the two things is that my wordpress blog is quirky. does not really recognize my blog. That was part of the explanation for why it took me so long to find out that there were site statistics for the blog. For a variety of reasons, I have to log in as “admin”. I certainly would not want posts that were authored by “admin”.

The low tech and separateness of my current practice for blogging and tweeting turns out to be just right.

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