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Yesterday I received an email from an editor at Thomson Reuters asking me to evaluate the business model of Brooklyn Brew Shop. They have a video pitch that I looked at.

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s business idea, a small one gallon home brewing starter kit, is a good. It is small enough with a low cost to be appealing to first time home brewers, particularly those who live in apartments.  Erica, one of the-owners, talked about the cost savings of home brewing, especially if you want to brew higher alcohol content beer. This is one of their main selling points. You also avoid taxes as a home brewer, which further lowers your costs. I thought the beer prices in New York were astoundingly high.

The appeal of home brewing is getting exactly the taste you want. This is something that Brooklyn Brew Shop should stress more in their promotions.  Home brewing also involves creativity and this aspect could be stressed more as well.

Erica is a good spokesperson and she highlights the growing role of women in the brewing industry. Traditionally women did the brewing at home in their kitchens and this is something that could be mentioned as well.

I am not sure about going into retail as their next step. I would continue to try to build the business online and at festivals and fairs before going retail. What retail avenues do they have in mind? I am not sure about package stores or other home brewing supply stores. They probably need a broader brand identity before they can approach places like Target and Wal-Mart. They could try to sell the kits on Amazon.

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