Friday night we went to the Whitney to see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit. It was pay-as-you-wish and there was not as big a line to get in as there had been at the Guggenheim.

I like O’Keeffe’s art a lot and I have a copy of one of her paintings in my house. The exhibit was of her abstract work not her more famous flowers and buildings. We went on a tour. The docent was excellent and really gave you a feeling for the work. I got the impression that O’Keeffe always had a sense of herself as a female artist and wanted to do something that would be new and different.

The museum is five floors with impossibly slow elevators and not that amenable to viewing art.  I liked the Guggenheim much more. Today we went to the Metropolitan briefly, mostly to use the facilities. I think  it is better to see the permanent collections of  large museums on a tour or use a guide book. When we were in Paris a few years ago, we used Rick Steves book to tour the Louvre and it really made a difference.

Georgia O'Keeffe Red Canna

Georgia O'Keeffe Red Canna

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