No Taste Beer

Last night we went to the Yankees- Twins game which was great. We sat in the bleachers with a very nice, very enthusiastic group of people. It was wonderful to be surrounded by individuals who feel as passionately about the Yankees as I do. It was the perfect end to our stay in New York.

In the bleachers there was not much choice of what beer to drink. It was Bud, Bud Light, and Michelob Ultra. In New York they now have to post how many calories each food item has.  I was not very excited about drinking Bud, but the Bud Light was only 110 calories so I figured why not.

It tasted like nothing. It had no taste. It just functions as an alcohol delivery system. When I was writing Brewing Battles I went, often, to the Moan and Dove. I always enjoy going there. It doesn’t serve any Boston Beer products but it does serve Pabst Blue Ribbon and a few other $2.00 macro beers. For research purposes I tried the PBR. It was probably the single worst drink I have ever tasted. By comparison the Bud Light was better because it doesn’t taste badly, it has no taste.

I know taste is an individual thing and I don’t dispute anyone’s  right to like Bud. I do have a problem with historical theories that say Bud tastes the way it does  – no taste- because that’s what Americans want. To leave the analysis at that level ignores the very complicating factors of advertising, barriers to entry for other producers, distribution, price, class and how all of this might affect consumer choice.

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