Our Revolution MA and the State Democratic Convention

June 2nd and 3rd I was in Worcester, attending the State Democratic Convention. I attended all of the events that Our Revolution MA held. They had eight amendments to the platform of which four passed. Our Revolution also had two charter amendments which failed. The convention did not actually passed any resolutions due to the lateness of the hour.

I think Our Revolution did a great job given that it was their first time being involved in the Convention. They were a big presence and they helped pass a very progressive platform. Four of five amendments passed the signature threshold and then were adopted by the convention. The one amendment that failed had to do with housing and I think the convention felt it went too far. The chair prevented three amendments from being voted on. All concerned foreign affairs which the chair ruled was out of the scope of the platform. The most controversial one was about the Middle East and affirmed the right of Palestinians to a peaceful existence. I am sorry that it did not pass.

The  two charter amendments that failed had to do with party mechanics and procedures. The party, as represented at the convention, did not seem ready to fundamentally change  how the party operates to make it more open, democratic, and responsive to citizens. As part of a national movement to move the Democratic Party to the left and away from corporatist policies, Our Revolution’s performance at the convention was an auspicious beginning.


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