Plans for 2017

Last year was not such a good year, for either the country or this blog. Apparently I only blogged once – to complain about BlueHost, the company that hosts this website. BlueHost contracted with a company called Sitelock who contacted me repeatedly and claimed my website was infected. Of course they wanted a lot of money to fix it. I didn’t do that and eight my  months later my website is still here and seems to be working fine.

Admittedly, since I only posted once, I haven’t been paying that much attention. I am hoping things will improve in 2017. My plan which is somewhere between a resolution and a goal is to post, at least, once a week.  To actually achieve this, I might have to pick a day and then blog on that day every week.  That level of scheduling is probably necessary because I am trying to work three days  a week on my book about faculty wives.  I also plan to tweet every day. I started on January 2nd so it will be 364 tweets if I stick to it.

Those are my plans for increasing my social media presence. As for the website, I do plan to re-mediate any problems or infections. I also plan to change some of the the pages to better reflect my current interests,

As for who is reading what on this site, my to  post for 2016 was, by a wide margin, the one on methylated spirits. That was the subject of a paper given at the Alcohol and Drugs History Society conference in London. I gave a paper about bourbon there. There was one in 2015 in Bowling Green, Ohio where I gave a paper on addicted nurses. Since we have a conference every two years, there will be one in June in Utrecht, Netherlands. I don’t plan to give a paper but I will be attending.

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