Random thoughts on New York

Tomorrow we leave and go back to Amherst. Tonight we are going to the Yankees-Twins playoff game. This is a wonderful way to end our month here.

As a way of summing up our experiences, here are some random observation about life in the city.

There are a lot of dogs and a lot of them are big. There are also a lot of stores and other services for the dogs. Since most people live in fairly small quarters, it is hard to understand how they handle having such big animals. The level of services indicates that the dogs hold deep meaning for their owners.

Since I am a cat person, I will mention that there is a feral cat problem in the city. I didn’t see any evidence of it- unlike in Israel-, but there is an organization, The New York City Feral Cat Initiative. I gave them money.

There are also a lot of bicycles and bicyclists. Many people seem to use a bicycle as their means of transportation which is inspiring and terrifying. In general, New Yorkers seem to try very hard to engage with the outdoors. In Amherst, which is relatively rural, this would not be unusual. In New York there is a lot of concrete, but there are also wonderful green spaces.

If you live in midtown Manhattan you do not need a car to get anywhere in Manhattan, which is great. You definitely do more walking to accomplish daily tasks. Since many stores are open late, shopping is more of a daily occurrence. At home we drive once a week to the supermarket and buy food and other staples.

My final observations that we had a great time and I would love to live here.

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