Research Trip Blues

Yesterday, our second day in Raleigh was not that much better from the food, beer, or entertainment side.  After our first full day in Raleigh, I have to say it is not my favorite place.  Heavy construction is going on around the University, making getting anywhere very difficult.

The library is beautiful and the people at Special Collections are very nice. It is modern with lots of comfortable seating.

After long day at the archive, we tried to find somewhere to eat. First, we went into a bar, which was so smoked filled I had trouble breathing. I have really forgotten what being around people who smoke is like.

We settled on another bar and sat in the dining area to try to avoid the smoke. I asked the server what kind of beer they had on tap. She replied, “Everything.” She then rattled off a lot of names – PBR, Bud, Coors, some names I had never heard of and Magic Hat. I asked her if there was any local beer. She replied, “Coors, everyone drinks that because it is cheap.” I said, “I mean beer made in North Carolina.” She said no.

I picked the Magic Hat. No. 9. I had never had it before. It was a standard lager and very sweet. So far, Raleigh seems to have a lot of fried food, smoking, and mediocre beer. Maybe tonight will be better.

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2 Responses to Research Trip Blues

  1. sarah says:

    ooh that doesn’t sound very pleasant. 8(

    i don’t know how good any of them are, but beeradvocate has a few entries for raleigh in beerfly for breweries & brewpubs…

    Big Boss Brewing
    1249-A Wicker Drive

    Boylan Bridge Brewpub
    201 South Boylan Avenue

    Lonerider Brewing
    8816 Gulf Court

    good luck!

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks Sarah Tonight we we found a nice restaurant and had a Carolina Pale Ale. It was pretty good. I think living where we do has spoiled me.

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