Since  I  moved my website from Network Solution Servers to Bluehost servers, the statistics for the site have been reset. I thought it would be interesting to look at what were my top blog posts for the almost three years that WordPress has been compiling statistics.

My Home page has drawn the most visitors. The next most popular post was Mary Poppins on the Roof. I wrote about this phenomenon here. For a long time this was by far the most searched item. More recently the most seen post was Fall: Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Beer. This continues to be a popular post.

The other eight posts in the top ten posts of all time ( 3 years)  were  Your Liver on Drugs, Jewish Beer and Brewing, Book Review: Revolutionary Road, 76 Years of Beer Cans, Why I Don’t Care About Steve Jobs, Book Review: Good Morning, Miss Dove, A Day in New York City, and This and That. The number of views for these ten posts range from  10, 715 for Poppins  to 167 for This and That.

It is hard to come to any conclusions about which topics attract the most visitors. Several are about beer, two are book reviews and This and That is about, among other things, giant jellyfish.

Giant Jellyfish Washed Ashore

In the same period of time I  had 110,424 spam comments. Much more spam than visitors.

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