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Drinking Responsibly

Someone recently wrote a letter to the editor of The Roanoke Times complaining about the ubiquity of beer related stories in the paper. Writing from a public health perspective, Mr. Klein found it bewildering that a women’s health event that … Continue reading

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Understanding Addiction

Last Thursday I attended a seminar on “Understanding addiction.” The Institute for Natural Resources sponsored the one day seminar which was a way for nurses and other medical professionals to collect continuing education credits. Much of the material was familiar … Continue reading

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Methylated Spirits

At the Alcohol Drugs History Conference, Under Control?, held in London from June 20 to June 23, Stella Moss gave a very interesting and somewhat horrifying talk about “Methylated spirit consumption and the control of deviant drinking in interwar Britain.” … Continue reading

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Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Several times a year I listen to CancerCare telephone workshops on different aspects of cancer research and treatment.  Today’s workshop was an “Update on the Treatment of Liver Cancer.” One of the speakers discussed the various risk factors for liver … Continue reading

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Sales Tax on Alcohol

Tomorrow people in Massachusetts will vote on three ballot questions. Two have to do with taxes. Question 3 would reduce the rate of the state sales and use tax from 6.25% to 3%. Question 1 would remove the sales tax … Continue reading

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Heroin Maintenance

The Alcohol and Drugs history site has a item about a new book that looks at how Britain has treated heroin addicts in the twentieth century. I find it interesting that the British maintain heroin addicts with heroin. In the … Continue reading

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Tobacco Legislation

Last week, Congress passed and President Obama signed legislation that greatly enhances federal regulation of the tobacco industry. As a historian, I generally think change happens slowly but the rapidity with which American society has transformed from cultural acceptance, even … Continue reading

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Beyond Amethyst: The Conference

This past Friday I attended a conference at Hampshire College about the drinking age and whether it should be changed. Alex Torpey, a graduating student , organized the conference as part of his Division III, or senior project. Ralph Hexter … Continue reading

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New Drug Czar

Yesterday Vice President Joe Biden announced the appointment of Gil Kerlikowske as the country’s drug czar. Kerlikowske is the Chief of Police in Seattle, Washington. Both the city and the state have been in the forefront of harm reduction. Although … Continue reading

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