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The Art of the Deal

I consider myself a fairly astute political observer but I will confess I am extremely puzzled and concerned by the deal Trump and Democrats struck over raising the debt ceiling. Failure to raise the debt ceiling would result in the … Continue reading

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Beer and Taxes

At the end of January Congress introduced the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act. The bill would reduce the tax rate for large and small brewers. Both the Beer Institute which primarily represents mega brewers such as Anheuser Busch … Continue reading

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A Time To Break Silence

I have been doing research on Anne Bennett, wife of John Bennett, president of Union Theological Seminary from 1963-1970. Anne was a committed anti-Vietnam War activist. Her husband was a founding member of Clergy and Laity Concerned. Martin Luther King, … Continue reading

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Bad Deal

I just watched this video from the Obama campaign about the debt ceiling deal and wrote this email in response. I am sorry but I am not buying it. The Republicans got every thing and the American people got nothing. … Continue reading

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Past, Present, Future

Today we took a very long walk, going all the way to the lake front and then down much of the Midway. The Museum of Science and Industry was one of the buildings of the Columbian Exposition of 1893; the … Continue reading

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Chicago via Indiana

We have arrived in Chicago. We are staying in a one-bedroom apartment near the University of Chicago. The neighborhood seems vey rice with shops and restaurants. We are very tired from three days of driving, so we made dinner and are … Continue reading

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This is What Change Looks Like

About a half hour ago, I took part in an Organizing for America conference call. It was for people who had worked to get the health care bill passed.  I am very proud that I played a small part in … Continue reading

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Federal Beer Tax Decrease Unlikely

Every day I get Google alerts about the brewing industry. Today I got one that linked to a Northern Michigan TV news story about a possible decrease in federal beer taxes. Apparently the proposed legislation would cut the small brewers … Continue reading

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Obama’s Peace Prize

President Obama sent me, and  I am sure many other people, a letter about his being awarded the Noble Peace Prize. I think it is an excellent letter and I am posting it here. I am glad the he is … Continue reading

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Drug War Policies

The Alcohol and Drugs History website has a notice about the drug czar, Gene Kierlekowske, and his visit to Colombia to evaluate how  the drug war is doing in that country. He is doing this instead of being  in El … Continue reading

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