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Women’s March 2017

I went to the Women’s March in Boston last Saturday and found it to be an inspiring experience. I will need that inspiration because Donald Trump’s first few days as President have been terrible. Eight years ago, I attended President … Continue reading

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Book Review: Emily Post: Daughter of the Gilded Age, Mistress of American Manners by Laura Claridge

In the interest of full disclosure, I read this book because an agent suggested it as a way to help with Dames, Dishes, and Degrees. Having finished the book, I think I understand what the agent was getting at, but … Continue reading

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On the Road to Health: VB6

I have decided to write about something that is a little more personal than what I have usually posted on this blog. It is not about beer (except indirectly), women (except that it is about me and I am a … Continue reading

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Queen Bee: Drinking Practices in a British Pub

One of the most interesting talks I heard at the Alcohol Drug History Conference, Under Control? was by Amanda Fine, a Ph.D. student in anthropology. She is doing an ethnography of young people and alcohol use in a new town. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Just Kids

Just Kids by Patti Smith is a memoir about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe, the photographer.  They lived together in New York City from 1967 – 1972. Their real experiences occurred during the same time frame as the fictional characters … Continue reading

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Book Review: Small Changes

This weekend Marge Piercy was the Scholar in Residence at the Jewish Community of Amherst. I attended the event and it was a great experience. She is the author of many novels, books of poetry, a memoir and liturgical writing. … Continue reading

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Beer Radio

I will  talk with Ginger Johnson from WomenEnjoyBeer on her radio show, BeerRadio, today at 8 p.m. est. Please tune in.

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Book Review: Revolutionary Road

Richard Yates in Revolutionary Road, published in 1961, examines the post war suburban life and its conformity. In particular, he focuses on marriage. His main character, April Wheeler is deeply ambivalent about motherhood. The novel takes place in 1955, and … Continue reading

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A Time To Break Silence

I have been doing research on Anne Bennett, wife of John Bennett, president of Union Theological Seminary from 1963-1970. Anne was a committed anti-Vietnam War activist. Her husband was a founding member of Clergy and Laity Concerned. Martin Luther King, … Continue reading

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Last Thursday, at the Five College Women’s Studies Research Center, one of the associates, Christian McEwen presented a reading of her play, “Legal Tender: Women and the Secret Life of Money”. It’s form is similar to the Vagina Monologues. She … Continue reading

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