Abortion is Legal but Television Doesn’t Know That

Last Sunday I watched an episode of Madam Secretary, a show on CBS. One of the characters, Daisy, played by Patina Miller, is pregnant. This episode was the first time her pregnancy was mentioned. The character is single  and her most recent relationship lasted one week. She  briefly dated a man who turned out to be a CIA agent who was subsequently killed.

The show portrayed  Daisy’s pregnancy as a fait accompli and did not indicate that the character considered any other options such as an abortion. Mainstream television very rarely show a woman considering all of the choices that are available once she finds out she is pregnant. Even more rare is a show where the woman chooses to terminate the pregnancy.

All kinds of women have abortions for a variety of reasons. In the show Daisy is a very ambitious women who initially had a life plan that involved marrying an equally ambitious man. Couldn’t the show at least consider that such a woman might think over what her options were since she is facing becoming a single mother?

It  is entirely possible that the actress is actually pregnant and that’s why this has become part of the story. However the show still could have shown her considering an abortion even if in the end she choose to continue her pregnancy. Abortion is legal and many women choose to have one. However television does not reflect this reality.

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