Back Home

We came home yesterday. I blogged every day we were in New York which I feel was a major accomplishment. Now I am going to try to blog for the whole month of  October.

Already I see differences in how we live here from how we managed in New York. In the city, if you want a bottle of wine at 9 p.m on a Saturday you walk to the liquor store, probably three blocks or so away. On the way home, if you remember you need milk for breakfast the next day, you stop at the Superette and pick some up.

In Amherst, you drive and do those errands. We are going to try to walk more here and take the buses, but it still will be very different.

Another difference is the weather. We left Amherst when its was still summer and have returned to Fall.The leaves must be at their peak of color or very close to it. It is very beautiful. New York probably won’t have full Fall color for another week or so.  Amherst is 150 miles north of New York but has a completely different climate.

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