Bad Blue Host

This website is hosted by Bluehost.  I had been satisfied with their service for several years. Two days ago I stated getting very aggressive phone calls from a company named Sitelock. They claimed that there is malware on my website. I spent over an hour speaking to four different people at Blue host today and I am very upset.  It turns out that Bluehost, without asking,  engaged Sitelock to do free scans of  their customers websites. This gave Sitelcok access to all of my and everyone else’s contact information. I never gave my permission to Bluehost to give my phone number to Sitelock.  Bluehost’s big soution, after over an hour, is that I can send an email to Sitelock and opt out of the service. Nothing like shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped.

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  1. Magnus Still says:

    We experienced exactly the same problem. Bluehost shut down all our webpages without any dialog. Now we are transferring our hosting to a reliable company.

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