Beer in Other Places

In the past week there have been some interesting items about beer in different places as well as some different beer customs.The New York Times had a very interesting story about beer in Vietnam. The local draft beer is bia hoi, “a crisp, cold beer with a clean taste suggesting rice and an almost subliminal whisper of something like hops.” I think most of the Americans who go to Vietnam are Vietnam War vets but I loved China and it would be very exciting to visit other parts of Asia.

The Alcohol and Drugs History Society website has a story today about Green Beer Day at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. David Fahey teaches there. It is apparently a pre- St. Patrick’s Day beer crawl. This year there were twenty arrests.

A Good Beer Blog writes about proposed beer regulation in Botswana. One of the local beers is chibuku is made from sorghum. They also have a higher alcohol content beer made from honey and sugar, khadi. The Chinese make  Baiiju from sorghum. It is very strong and viscous. I didn’t really like the taste.

The final item comes from the Mount Hope Monitor, a Bronx newspaper. Apparently Burger Kings plans to sell domestic beers – Budweiser – in some New York locations.  I do not know if that will make Burger King more or less appealing.

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