I have had a website,, for two years. I had a kind of blog directly on the site for about eleven months and this word press blog since December. The whole time I have also had email from Network Solutions since they host my website.

I initially picked them as my host because I thought a friend had used them and recommended them. That did not turn out to be true but they had a good price and offered blog capability which was something I wanted.

Mostly I have gotten good customer service whenever I have needed help. Similar to all large companies you do not get to talk the same person twice but at least you are talking to a human being. If you need help with Word Press, you have to either wade through endless and mostly pointless forum discussions or buy equally useless books. After two years, I feel Network Solutions is a decent company that has provided me with reliable service and not tried to get me to buy additional features.

While we were in New York, my email from Network Solutions stopped forwarding to my primary email address, on the Hampshire College server. Now that we are home, I have been trying to get that fixed.  I spent several hours yesterday working on it and it appears that my website’s ip address is on a SORBS’ blacklist and therefore cannot get through to my other email.

When I was talking to someone from Network Solutions, they asked me if I knew what a blacklist was. I replied that I was aware of people being blacklisted in the 1950’s after being accused of being communists.

Apparently, SORBS maintains a list of spammers and servers can chose to block ip addresses on the list. Who decided that Network Solutions, a legitimate business, was a spammer but the people who send me emails about enlarging my penis are not? It does seem a little bit like the 1950’s where some unnamed person could accuse someone else of being a communist and their reputation was ruined. In this case it means it is much more difficult for me to check business emails on a regularly basis.

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