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I am writing a book about academic communities and faculty wives. To make sure I get anything that is posted online about the topic, I have a Google alert for the string, “faculty wives”. Mostly I get obituaries of women all across the country, in their 80s and 90s, who have had rich lives with many volunteer experiences. Their activities include membership in a faculty wives club. This generation of women were probably born in the 1920s and 1930s and were young marrieds in the 1950s which was the high point of participation on faculty wives clubs.

In April I received an alert on a slightly different topic. It was a letter to the editor of the East Oregonian endorsing Carol Innes for a seat on the Pendleton City Council., Ward 1. The writer was Innes’ sister. Among her many qualifications for the seat, her sister, Jackie, included her membership in the Blue Mountain Community College faculty wives club. Her husband, Murray Innes III, was chair of the English Department.

In running for office, Innes is following the path of many women who moved from volunteer positions in clubs to civic engagement and often paid employment. Innes and her sister must feel that her participation and service to the school is part of what makes her an excellent choice  for City Council.

In the May 15th primary, Carole L. Innes was the top vote getter receiving 354 votes. She cleared the fifty percent plus 1 threshold so there will be no runoff. She will take her seat in January.

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  1. My son lives in Oregon, and there are some great progressives moving into leadership positions, and it was great to see Innes do so well. On the other hand, the state is very “white,” and there are still many active racists. “Faculty Wives” sounds like it should be a steamy expose; I assume, though, that you are going to profile a few individuals who have parlayed that situation into interesting careers??? Good luck with the project.

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