Federal Beer Tax Decrease Unlikely

Every day I get Google alerts about the brewing industry. Today I got one that linked to a Northern Michigan TV news story about a possible decrease in federal beer taxes. Apparently the proposed legislation would cut the small brewers tax in half and reduce what large brewers pay by one-ninth.

The video showed an earnest craft brewer, at his plant, indicating how he could use the extra money to grow his business. It also showed an appealing pint of beer.

Craft Brewer

Craft Brewer

I thought I should see if anyone else was talking about this so I typed into Google “federal beer tax decrease.” Google responded, “Did you mean to search for: federal beer tax increase.”

I think that tells the whole story. It is very unlikely, in this economic climate, that beer taxes will go down. It remains more likely that beer and other “sin” taxes would go up to help finance health care reform and other projects of the Obama administration.

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4 Responses to Federal Beer Tax Decrease Unlikely

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  2. Andy Sparhawk says:

    Thanks for being so positive. Actually this is the best chance for small brewers to lower excise taxes in 20 years. Not solely on excise tax reduction but on job creation. Is your blog meant to highlight the struggles of craft brewers? or is this your personal battle with beer?

    Either way it lacks.

    • Amy says:

      The blog isn’t solely about craft brewing and I don’t have a battle with beer. My book looked at issues confronting brewers and the industry from all sides. Historically governments have used beer and other alcoholic beverages as a way to raise revenue. At this time when the country is facing financial difficulties I still think tax decreases are unlikely.

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