Five College Women’s Studies Research Center

Yesterday was my first day as a Five College Women’s Research Center Associate. The center is based at Mount Holyoke in two houses. I have a nice big office with three windows. This is great opportunity for me and I hope to get lot of work done on Dames, Dishes, and Degrees.

Yesterday was our orientation so various people from different parts of the colleges as well as from other schools in the Five Colleges consortium came and talked to us. The most interesting, in way, was the Mount Holyoke Public Safety officer. She was a pleasant young woman who started by telling us that she had moved here a few years ago because her wife had attended the college and wanted to return to the Pioneer Valley. The straightforward, unself-conscious way in which she said this struck me as fantastic. Not to be sappy, but I am proud to live in a state that makes such remarks possible. I am also glad that no one took this as unusual or odd but rather as “normal.” I really believe that it is only matter of time before we have equal rights including marriage for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gendered people. Young people do not care about these social issues in the same way that older people do.

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