Hyde Park Is Not That Convenient

We are staying in the Hyde Park area of Chicago. It is pretty with tree-lined streets and several parks. The apartment is about a twenty-minute walk to the University of Chicago. The problem is that there is no subway here and so far, everywhere we have thought about going is a long bus ride away. Also, I am used to college neighborhoods having restaurants, bars, bookstores, and pizza places. We have not found anything like that yet. It seems more like Raleigh than a first rate city. Maybe I am just used to New York. However, even Amherst, where the town is about three or four blocks, appears to have more going on.

A short walk from the apartment is a little strip mall with a small market, two restaurants, some stores and a CVS.  We ate at Cedars tonight and it was good. Tomorrow we are going downtown – long bus ride – and maybe we will see the real Chicago.

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