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I bought a new computer a few weeks ago and it has turned out to be extremely complicated to get it up and running. A computer is a complex machine yet people are expected to know what to do without help. No one  expects you to either build or fix your own car, refrigerator, or television.

The first thing I tried to do, after initially starting the computer, was to restore the copy of my old computer that I had backed up on an external hard drive. It didn’t work because my external hard drive, Clickfree, is not compatible with Windows 10.

The next thing I tried to do was install Office. It took about two hours to download which seemed excessive. Once it  was done it didn’t work. I had initially logged into Microsoft using one email and downloaded Office using a different email. I spent another two hours trying to fix this error and I couldn’t.The only thing I could do was to rest the computer, wiping out Office and many other programs I had used Ninite to install. The fact that I had to resort to a reset seems like a design flaw in Windows. The whole experience reminded me why I hate Microsoft. The first day took over eight hours.

The second time I tried to get the new computer to be operational I used PC Mover . The first step in that process was updating Windows on the new computer; it took two hours.  I then installed PCMover on both computers. So far, so good. I knew I wouldn’t care about the hours spent if it worked. Hopeful, I went to transfer my files from my old computer to the new one. Nothing happened. Nada. I waited fifteen minutes or so, then called PCMover. The box said they had 24/7 assistance for transferring files.

The PC Mover customer service person wanted me to get remote access to my computer to solve the problem. I was reluctant to have him remote access my computer because when I called Microsoft about Office on the first day, they did remote access but nothing happened. On that day I waited about a half hour and then disconnected the remote access and the chat. 

I was nervous about the same thing happening with PC Mover. It didn’t because they couldn’t even get remote access to work. The customer service person said I needed to optimize my old computer and that something was wrong with the operating system on it.  Given that, they said there would be a fee for them to fix it. I declined. So much for 24/7 assistance.

I wasn’t surprised there was a problem with my old computer. It stinks which is why I got a new one. Since I couldn’t use PC Mover to transfer my files, I had to figure out what to do. I decided to do a new backup of my old computer with my new Seagate external hard drive which took eight hours, ending at 2 a.m. The second day was probably twelve hours of work with no results.

 The next day – day 3 – I used the Seagate drive to restore my files to the new computer. It sort of worked. When I looked for the  files on the new computer I couldn’t find them. They were not in documents where I expected them to be. Windows 10 seem to have OneDrive as the default repository for documents and my files weren’t there. Another design flaw. My dislike of Microsoft was not abating. I eventually figured out where the files were and I found an easy way to access them. A lot of work, but the third day was going much better.

Since I had fixed the email problem by resetting the computer on Day 1, on Day 3 installing Office was much easier. I learned my lesson about installing too many thing at once using Ninite. I installed  Quicken and then I installed Itunes. All I have left is my printer, Firefox, and Thunderbird. I am going to do those today. It will probably be a total of thirty hours  before my new computer is fully operational. Quite an ordeal.

I would love to hear about how other people have set up their new computers. Please leave your stories in the comments.






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