New Year Goals

My goals for 2018 are pretty similar to the goals I had last year. I plan to blog once a week and tweet every day. I am off to a great start in tweeting because I attended the United States Figuring Skating Association National Championships in San Jose last week. I had a lot to say about the event.

While at Nationals I posted to Instagram several times and that’s probably something I will do more of this year. I don’t think It will be regularly schedule it like the blog and twitter because I don’t always have picture I want to post.

One reason I started blogging more frequently last year is I hoped it would help with writing my book. It did help but not as much as I would have liked. In two and a half years I have written three chapters. I would like to pick up the pace.

I wrote a similar post at the end of 2010 and I found it interesting to re-read it.  At that time I had one chapter of my book on faculty wives written and I was hoping  to complete three more. I did in fact do that but then I got stalled. The three chapters I have written since the summer of 2016 are new or rewritten chapters.  Still I have been working on this project since 2009 so I would like to finish.

My personal goals  are pretty typical and include eating better, losing weight, improving my ice skating and organizing my house. These are perennial goals which I make some progress on each year but never as much as I would like.

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