In May I wrote a post updating what I had been doing during the first five months of the year. The post focused on how I have been taking care of my Aunt Ruth and at the same time, how I was managing the work on my manuscript. The post also mentioned that in Florida I met my weight goal of 140 pounds while being on Noom.

Appropriately, on New Year’s Eve, next week’s post will be a recap of the whole year. Today I want to talk about Noom. It is true that there was a day in April, in Boca Raton Florida, that I weighed 140 pounds. That moment, like much of life, was fleeting. Because I couldn’t seem to maintain my weight goal and the scale was going up instead of down, I stayed on Noom.

As I mentioned in my post, 2021 Goals and Resolutions, Noom is an app that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help people develop better eating habits and lose weight. On June 24th, 2020, I started using the app. At some point, the articles and lessons switched to a maintenance mode, which was not that helpful. I asked my coach, who may or may not be a real person, to set me back to the beginning. This meant that I was doing the lessons a second time. What can I say, I am a slow learner.

The second go around I took notes and really tried to pay attention. These tactics did the trick. Since November 4th, I have consistently weighed 140 pounds or less. The lowest has been 137 pounds. In December 2019, I weighed 165 pounds so that means I have lost 28 pounds.

Noom worked for me. Maybe it was because I paid but I don’t think so. After a year and a half of using the app, I have a better sense of my eating patterns. I now know which are beneficial and which are harmful. My maintenance strategy is to weigh myself almost every day. If the scale starts going up, I will look at my notes and redouble my efforts. I am confident I will be able to maintain this weight. Although it was a slow process, I am proud of the determination and focus I showed in losing the weight.