Overdue Quarterly Report

I had planned to give some updates on how 2021 is going in April, but, if you read my last post, you know life intervened. We have just returned from spending two more weeks in Florida caring for my aunt. She  has been at home for eleven days and is making a lot of progress.

After the initial visit when she had first fallen we were home for six days. I prioritized writing, skating including off-ice work with my coach, Kiara,  and a meeting of my Jane Austen book club. I was able to finish the chapter I had been writing on for almost a year, which felt good. 

Once we  went back to  Florida, I tried to maintain some semblance of my “real” life and continue to have my book on faculty wives as my priority. I attended Nerissa’s writing group twice  and participated in the monthly meeting of the Pioneer Valley Writers’ year long class for  creative non-fiction. Because of this focus, I was able to get some writing done.

I am really glad I signed up for the PVWW class. Each month we get accountability buddies. It has been great to have different people read my work and to read their work as well. I had hoped the structure of the class would be enough to get me writing on a regular basis. So far, despite the disruption to my regular routine, it has worked.

When 2021 started I needed to lose three more pounds to get to my goal of 140 pounds. Last week I achieved it.  It feels like a big accomplishment and I am very grateful to Noom for helping me get to that weight. The program is probably not for everyone but I found it a very constructive experience.

As far as  tweeting and blogging, I obviously had a dip in posts over the last four weeks. So far, I have posted sixteen times in 2021. I hope, beginning with this post, I will now be on a regularly schedule.  I tweeted  twenty-seven times in April and only one time, so far, this month. I plan to resume tweeting daily.

Going forward, I will still need to do things for and with my aunt. We will probably go back to Florida the end of June. Because of that, I need to stay focused and continue to prioritize writing and skating. I am streamlining my life; putting some things on hold so I can make real progress on my book while continuing to care for my aunt.


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