Past, Present, Future

Today we took a very long walk, going all the way to the lake front and then down much of the Midway. The Museum of Science and Industry was one of the buildings of the Columbian Exposition of 1893; the Midway and Jackson Park were where exhibits, the Ferris wheel, and other attraction were. It felt like we had been to the Exposition as we walked along that route.

We stared from Valois, which is supposedly President Obama’s favorite restaurant. It is a cafeteria and it had a sign about President Obama’s favorite breakfasts. There were two: steak and eggs, hash browns and toast and the other: egg whites, bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast. I am guessing the steak is really his favorite and the egg whites are his healthy choice.

Along the midway, we also passed the Law School. When I think about Obama being president, it fills me with a certain delight because he will be a historical figure. Just as I visited Rutherford B. Hayes’ home last week, future generations will visit sites associated with Obama. That’s cool.

We tried to get as close as we could to his house but the security is intense. The guard said it was against the rules even to tell me which house was his. Since you can find out the address on the Internet, I don’t get that restriction.

Of course, I support keeping the President safe and understand why they do not want to let people get close. There is a synagogue right next to his house. It must be quite a hassle to attend services. Never mind being one of the neighbors.

We had a lovely day exploring both the past of Chicago and the present and future of our country.