Pre-Existing Conditions

About seven years ago my husband fell off a ladder. He was unconscious, broke his nose and chipped several teeth. He wound up spending two days in the hospital and got all sorts of tests. For the next two years a cardiologist was sure that there was something wrong with his heart; he just wasn’t sure what. During all this, our insurance company at the time, HMO Blue, started sending him material about living with congestive heart failure.  CHF was probably the only diagnosis the doctor hadn’t given him. However somewhere, someone coded the doctor’s as CHF. Insurance companies try to do a lot of education with people who have chronic diseases to help manage costs. That’s fine but not when you don’t have the disease. I was really worried that this would  wind up being a pre-existing condition that could prevent him from getting a different job in the future. It took me over a year to get HMO Blue to change the coding so he no longer appeared as having CHF. It is this kind of diagnosis by insurance companies that I hope President Obama’s health care reform will change for the better.

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