Primary Day

As I have said before, I have been working hard on trying to turn the House Democratic. I work at the Take Back the House (TBTH) office in Northampton, 18 Center Street. We are focusing on two races, NY 19 and NH 2.

I also worked for Jo Comerford , for Senator under the General Court. The incumbent,  Stan Rosenberg, resigned after the deadline to get on the ballot had passed. Jo’s campaign was a write-in. Write-in campaigns are extremely difficult because you have to spend a lot of time educating voters on how to effectively write in someone.  You also have to motivate the voters to take the extra time a write-in requires. The district has twenty-four communities which makes this process daunting. The person on the ballot definitely has an advantage.

Jo did a tremendous job campaigning and building a grassroots movement. Her years as an organizer first for American Friends Service Committee and then Move-On really paid off.  Jo won 54% to 41% with a 3,3373 vote difference. I am proud I helped and excited that Jo Comerford will be my State Senator.