Quarterly Report

Since it is the fourth month of the year I thought I would take stock of my stated goals to tweet at least once a day and to blog at least once a week.

Tweeting has been going very well. I have tweeted every day and I have often tweeted several times a day.  The current political situation has helped. I started the year with 1938 tweets; as of today I have 2095. That is thirty-six more tweets than the number of days. I have also gained a few more followers but I don’t have an exact count. That number also fluctuates. Tweeting every day has been relatively painless and pretty enjoyable.

Twitter has its own analytics which I think is an attempt to get me to buy ads. It counts impressions. According to that metric, my top tweet recently was one about figure skating.

Blogging has been harder. I have blogged every week so far but it hasn’t been that easy to find topics. I try to write it a day or two before Friday and then have it ready or almost ready to post. It is too much to think of a topic, write and post it in one day.

The topics that have been easiest for me to write involve alcohol, primarily beer. I do want to start posting about other topics, particularly the material connected to my book about faculty wives.

I can’t really tell if blogging more frequently has led to increased readership. I seem to have about twenty-five people on most days.

I set these goals for myself because I wanted to increase my online presence and I thought the structure would help me with writing my book.  That has not been going as well. Because my life since the end of October has been very crazy with a lot of family issues, I haven’t had a lot of time. Since I wanted to maintain my commitment to blogging, I have done that but not really any other writing.

Given that, my goals for the next quarter are to continue the tweeting and the blogging but find a way to work consistently on the book. I will keep you posted on my progress.