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I worked very hard to help elect Barack Obama and I am very proud that I did. I can’t wait for him to actually become President; Inauguration Day can not come soon enough. This year was the first time in my life that the person I wanted to become president actually won. Because of this, I have decided to trust him and, at the very least, wait until he is in the Oval Office before I start finding fault. However, his choice of Reverend Rick Warren to lead the invocation at Inauguration is very troubling.

When I studied the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt in graduate school, most scholars agreed that he was a wonderful president but that he had shown a deaf ear to the problems of African-Americans. There were various political reasons for this, but in hindsight it is a mark against his administration.

I believe that in the future historians will judge Barack Obama to have been a great president, but he will have a black mark against his administration because of his cluelessness around gay rights. I am sure that there are political reasons for his choice of Rick Warren but he and his team underestimated or were unaware of the deep disapproval the choice would generate among gays and their supporters. It is a mistake, his first. We can only hope that he will learn form his mistakes and understand that the position of gays in American society is a civil right issue.

If you have any doubts about the meaning and importance of gay rights, go see Milk. The film is amazing and reaffirms the need for ongoing action and commitment to the struggle for equality for all Americans.

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  1. I don’t think Obama is clueless at all, I just think he’s foremost a studied politician concerned with preserving “political capital” more than being a true agent of change. E.g. I don’t believe he’ll be lifting a finger to change the War on Drugs like he spoke about on the trail. BTW, I’m in FL where we had our own little proposition 8, though it was “number 2” here. I’m sad I missed Milk in the theaters.

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