Travel Part 2

The end of July we went to Bridgewater, MA where I tested in the Pre-Alpha level of skating in the ISI system. I did this so I can compete in October. Before we got to Bridgewater, we went to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA. It was a great place. The museum  had a basket exhibit which I wanted to see. I used to weave baskets so I found the exhibit really interesting. This basket is by  Katherine Lewis. It is willow and the technique she used to make was rope coil randing and twining.

We also saw  Tom Kiefer: El Sueño Americano – The American Dream which was  photographs of the various personal items, food and other materials that are taken away from immigrants and refuges who are being held in a detention camp in Texas. This was a very powerful and disturbing exhibit.  One of the items people have to give up is condoms.

In August we went to  Maine for a few days. We stayed in Casco, right on one of the lakes. We took a couple of hikes with some beautiful views. It was a lovely relaxing time with the whole family.  It already feels like was a long time ago.


New Crafts

Here are three things I recently crocheted. The first is a hat I made for Knots for Love. I didn’t really use a pattern . It is single crochet. To make the brim you turn the hat around when you have finished and then crochet in the opposite direction.

The next was inspired by the hats I saw when I attended the US Figure Skating Nationals. I based it on a pattern from Maggie’s Crochet. I used super bulky wool and only put one star on. I also added a red, white and blue pompom.

Using the leftover wool and the seed stitch I made this potholder or hot mat.

I was inspired by this pattern but because of the super bulky wool the gauge was off so I used different directions  from Moogly for  the seed stitch.  The Moogly pattern uses an even number of stitches while the orginial pattern used an odd number. I may block the potholder so it is a little more square but I may not.


A few years ago I started crocheting again after not having done it for a long time. I have wound up doing a lot of it. My latest creation is a Pussy Hat to wear at the Women’s March, January 21, 2017. We were going to attend the main demonstration in Washington D.C. but our schedule means we are going to the sister march in Boston. This is the pattern.

In 2015 I posted about my plans to go to Bowling Green for the ADHS conference. In that post I mentioned that I wanted to add something about crocheting and crafts to the website. That is a renewed intention for 2017.

I have always done some kind of craft. When my sister and I were teenagers we both learned knitting and crocheting She became a knitter while I gravitated to crocheting. When my children were little, I crocheted stuffed animals and other things for them. These are owls I made for some children I know.  For a while I made baskets but I have returned to crocheting. This is a miniature basket I made a few years ago.