The Session #32: Eastern Beers

00-thesession150Girl Likes Beer hosted the 32nd Session yesterday, So a day late, here is my post. We were supposed to go due east from where we live and pick a  beer that we liked from the country. From Amherst, MA where I usually live, the countries would be France, Italy, and then maybe Serbia.

When thinking about this, I realized that I don’t have a beer that I drink from any of those countries. However whenever I go out to eat at an ethnic restaurant, such as Indian, Chinese, or Italian, I try to drink a “local” beer. Last week we had Indian food in Amherst and I had a King Fisher beer. My husband had Singha which is from Thailand. In the past, I have had Italian beer when eating Italian and I usually get Tsingtao when eating Chinese.

These beers all have a lot in common even though they are from different countries. They are all pale-colored lager beers. They have very little hop flavor, but can differ in body. They are usually refreshing and  the lightness goes well with spicy food. One reason for the similarities is that most of the world drinks lager beer.

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