The Slow and Steady Approach

The immediacy of blogging is both a blessing and a curse. The pressure to respond immediately to a news item or story prompts writing and diminishes procrastination. That’s the good part. The bad is when you miss the boat and don’t write something in a timely manner. The consequences are that someone else often posts about the very thing you were sure you would convey so elegantly.

You quickly forget the lost opportunity as the next topic emerges out of the ether of the world. The cycle begins again. There is also the option of ignoring the pressures of immediacy;  choosing instead to post about topics that may have a  longer shelf life than a day.

Ironically I wrote the above words last week. My plan was to post this, then begin posting about stories and ideas I had been ruminating on for the last month or so. My hope was that the longer period of reflection would yield better insight.

Before I could put this plan in motion, the immediate side of blogging reemerged. I guess that ultimately my approach to blogging is to be both the tortoise and the hare.

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