This Joint’s for You

Various people from the brewing industry are exploring ways to capitalize on the growing recreational marijuana market. According to the Chicago Tribune, Chris Burrggraeve, a former Anheuser Bush InBev NV executive, has invested in a San Francisco startup, Green Rush Group. He is also a co-founder of Toast. This company makes pre-rolled joints or “slices”.

Green Rush enables people to order marijuana from local dispensaries, It is primarily focused on medical marijuana but if someone doesn’t have a prescription they can get one online for $39. Toast’s products are available on the Green Rush website and their own website tells you where  concrete stores are located that sell the product.

Burrgggraeve is not the only person from the brewing industry who is getting involved in cannabis sales. Constellation Brands,  the number three beer company in the States and the  importers of Corona, has invested in Canopy Growth Corp., This company is Canadian and considers itself “a world leading diversified cannabis company.

These investments are in anticipation of changes in federal drug laws. Currently marijuana is illegal under federal law but both recreational and medical use is legal in eight states. Under the current administration that is not likely to happen but more states will probably pass legislation legalizing recreational marijuana since it is seen as a source of revenue


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