To Xfinity and Beyond

The title  is a reference to Toy Story but this post is about the trouble we have been having with our Wi-Fi. A few years ago we switched from having Verizon provide our landline phone service and Wi-Fi. The service was always going out and and we had a lot of problems.

Once we switched to Xfinity (Comcast) as our provider we got much better service and we were really happy. The first year it was also cheaper so that was an added bonus.

Last week we started losing Wi-Fi and  Comcast reset it. A few days after that, we realized our devices that run on 2.4 Ghz were not working. Trying to resolve this took most of one day and  the printer and other things still weren’t operating correctly.

We scheduled a repair visit for this coming Monday, but yesterday someone called and tried, once again, to fix the problem. When that didn’t work, he advised us to go to an Xfinity store and exchange our modem which is also a router.

Today we undid the modem, losing Wi-Fi and phone service in the process and drove to the Springfield store which is about 25 miles away. The Xfinity store is really nice looking. I think  Comcast has beefed up their retail outlets to compete with Apple stores.

We got the new modem and even negotiated a price decrease since our cable bill has crept up over the last few years. We ate a near by Applebee’s – the first time in ten years or so – and then drove home.

It was fairly simple to set up the  internet and tv and the printer works again. The landline phone took longer; the whole ordeal was over an hour. Now everything is working and it is going to cost less. Win-Win.

I do feel like I have been living a Job like existence. I realize many of my problems are first-world concerns but it has still been stressful

Just for fun. Here is Buzz Lightyear:

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