Trouble, Again

I am posting on Saturday instead of Friday because I am still having problems with my website. As you know, my website was hacked a few weeks ago. I also have been having a problem with Twitter for a couple of months. Yesterday I checked to see if I could tweet my URL and I couldn’t. I also saw that all of my comments for my 254 blog posts have disappeared.

I called Sitelock since I am paying them $70 a month and described the Twitter problem. I attempted to tweet my URL so I could accurately tell the technician what the error message said and lo and behold it worked. I could tweet my URL without any problem or error message. It seemed like a miracle.

Since the Twitter problem appeared to be resolved, I focused on the comments issue. After asking me a bunch of questions the SiteLock tech said I had to call BlueHost and get them to restore my website from a backup. This seemed like a daunting task and I was not looking forward to it.

Procrastinating, I decided to write this post first. As I was writing the above paragraph about Twitter I tried to tweet my URL to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and of course it was. It now doesn’t work. When the problem started and I tried to contact Twitter I quickly predicted that this would probably last a long time if not forever. My brief moment of resolution was gone.

I willed myself to call Blue Host and the whole experience took several hours. The first call to Blue Host resulted in a restore to March 7 which did nothing. The tech then suggested I call back SiteLock and see they could tell me what files they had cleaned up and if any involved the comments.  In turn, they suggested I get BlueHost to restore back to Feb. 17 which was before I was hacked but after the trouble with Twitter started.

I did eventually call Blue Host and more than an hour later and after two attempts at a restore, my comments were back. That was very good news but  no one at either  Blue Host or SiteLock could help with Twitter. I decided to tweet a the CEO of  Twitter the problem I was having. No surprise, he hasn’t answered yet.