I originally did not plan to post today as I had some personal business to attend to. However yesterday morning I read a post from a newsletter I get every day, The Antiracism Daily. The post was about the reintegration of incarcerated people back into society. You can read about that here. One of the people’s story, Gary Vong, really moved me.

There was a link for donating to help him. The link took me to Venmo.
As you may remember, over a year and a half ago, I was hacked and someone charged over a thousand dollars to my Venmo. You can read about my subscription bombing here.

Yesterday when I went to Venmo, I was able to log in. However when I tried to make the donation, Venmo informed I didn’t have funds because there is an outstanding balance of $1083.

Venmo will not ever give you a refund and insists that you contact your financial institution. I did all that in November 2020. I will never try to use Venmo again. They can wait until hell freezes over to get that money.

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