Watching Nationals

Since Tuesday I have been watching skating, both Europeans and the US Nationals. For a skating enthusiast it is like the Super Bowl times two.  Europeans is an International Skating Union sponsored event for skaters from Europe. Next month there will be a similar event for the rest of the world, Four Continents.

So far the standout performances have been Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres winning the pairs competition at Europeans and Alysa Liu, who is thirteen, successfully completing a triple axel in her short program in the Senior Ladies event at Nationals.

I have been watching so much skating that it almost feels like I am at Nationals.  Last year, I was at Nationals in San Jose and it was terrific.  Here is a picture of Nancy Kerrigan from  that event.

Watching the skating is really inspiring and motivating. Of course, I will never compete at Nationals but I certainly can try to be faster, skate with more power and cover more of the ice.