Weekly Update, Week 21

Pay close attention and you’ll realize that I skipped week 20. I had a 10-day break. First, I had to get ready to go to Florida. Following an 8-day stay in Florida, we arrived back from the trip at 1:30 AM on Thursday, January 18th. I then needed a brief period to reset and refocus. Today, I started working again.

Working on the bibliography is just as tiresome and demanding as I expected. It’s really challenging to determine the proper categorization for blogs, online-only databases, and newspapers. I’m considering removing those sources from the bibliography and keeping them only in the endnotes.

My last day posting on NaNoWriMo was Jan 9. Initially, I planned to fill in the 10-day gap to make it seem like I had been posting without a break. While writing this, I’ve decided not to proceed with that plan. I’m planning to resume posting today. It will be the same project but the days in a row count will start over.