Why I Don’t Care About Steve Jobs

My title is not meant to imply I am happy Steve Jobs died. It is very sad that a man who was a father and husband died prematurely. He was an important person in the history of American business. It is just that I don’t get why there has been all the fuss. The media coverage has turned him into a figure on the level of Thomas Edison.

Steve Jobs did not invent personal computers. My first computer was a Kaypro. I have never owned a Mac and I don’t like them. I hated the commercial where they implied Mac users were young, hip, and cool while the rest of us were old and stodgy.

Kaypro Computer

I have had a Nano for about six months and it is okay. It is very small but the touch screen is very hard to use so I always “shuffle” my music. This limits its versatility and puts it on par with the $10 mp3 player I previously had.

I found the media coverage, which has been extensive and pervasive, puzzling. Jobs died on Wednesday night, the same night that as many as 20,000 people were in downtown Manhattan marching against the excesses of Wall Street and capitalism. There were also demonstrations in over 160 cities the same night. Except for Keith Olbermann on CurrentTV, the main stream media did not really cover these events but focused on Jobs instead. Was the death of a CEO of a corporation more important than Occupy Wall Street? I don’t think so.

The main contribution of Apple and Steve Jobs to American society has been one of marketing. He created products that people felt they could not do without. Did that change society? Maybe. Did it change society for the better? Maybe not.


3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Care About Steve Jobs”

  1. I agree with you completely. Yeah, the man did contribute somewhat to technology, but to be honest the only reason i got an Ipod was because a friend gave me his old one. It was okay, but then it broke and I got a cheap sony MP3 that I honestly prefer.

    Not only that, but i find it kind of astonishing how people have become so dependent on luxury items. It isn’t needed to have the latest Iphone or Ipod the second it is released, or ever really. Ever since they started adding features that allow you to access facebook and such, people have been distracted during school, and even from life in general. I can’t spend time with any of my friends anymore without one of them texting or surfing the web on their phone. I dislike it immensely.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is all about marketing, making you think you have to have something that isn’t even necessary.

  2. you are a moron socialist. jobs ivnested the computer, what did you and your socialist commies invent?

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