Year End Review

Since I always post on Friday, I am doing  the recap of my year today. My goal for this website was to post once a week. I started on January  6 2017 so this is my fifty-first post.  I feel I met my goal. Blogging once a week was hard but I managed. I think I will keep to the same schedule for 2018.

When I post this, I will have  247 post for my WordPress blog. I previously did thirty-eight posts on a different platform. My total is 285. Only fifteen more and I will have 300 which will feel like a big accomplishment. In February I will have been blogging for ten years.

I wanted to give you some statistics about my most popular posts and such but Jetpack seems to have stopped tracking that information for the last week. I reactivated it today and it seems to be working now. I guess the lesson from this is to check that everything is working more frequently.

My most popular post, by far was Methylated Spirits which I published in July 2013.  My top post of the year was Louis’s Pyjamas.  I averaged 17 views a day.  I have some ideas for new topics that I didn’t get to this year but I hope I will be able to write about them in 2018.

As I have said before, tweeting every day was much easier that  blogging once a week. I started with 1938 tweets and if I had tweeted every day I would have had 2,303 on Dec. 31. It is two days before that and I have 2.517. I tweeted  579 times which equals 1.59 times a day. Many of the tweets were political; this year of Trump provided a lot of material. I have 130 followers which is three more people than I follow. I think that is a good ratio.

My top tweet was on the night of the Alabama senate election and it was a retweet . I always include #ResistTrump and #ResistFascism with my  tweets about politics.

I plan to continue tweeting and blogging this coming year. I will be on vacation so I will resume posting on January 12. Happy New Year!



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